Friday, September 3, 2010

Are Synthetic Hormones (Like Those Found in Oral Contraceptive Pills) Safe?

I happened to pick up this brochure (please check out above link) at my prenatal visit a few months ago, and have decided to blog about it. I am actually happy and a bit surprised to see this issue being advertised in my doctor's office. All other doctors that I have had in the past (family doctors and gynecologists) have all backed the idea of prescribing oral contraceptives and never questioned their safety. I even remember asking a previous gynecologist of mine if there is any risk of cancer or abnormal growths, and her answer was that after you take a pill it is out of your system within a day. This doesn't discuss or cover the long term damage that is done though. I do wish that there was a surgeon general's warning posted on advertisements and commercials of oral contraceptives that mentioned an increased risk in breast, cervical, and liver cancer. I also think it is absurd that primary care physicians prescribe oral contraceptives to teenagers with irregular periods; it is noted in this brochure that irregular menstrual cycles are normal in teenagers and actually lower their risk of developing breast cancer later in life. Anyway, I hope that you all find this information useful or interesting, and please feel free to discuss this issue with your friends and family as well. :-)

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  1. This is alarming information that needs to get out to many women and girls who are currently taking birth control pills; thank you for posting this and the link the brochure. ;-)